Not Enough Rah-Rah!

Remember that one day… when we were working with the AZOA on their membership campaign?


We had just finished writing a letter from the director of the Arizona Optometric Association (AZOA) that explained to the membership all about the new campaign that would be rolling out over the next few weeks. At first, Ron thought, “Perfect! Good to go!” and told the team we were going to move forward accordingly.


However (as it happens to Ron a lot), he woke up in the middle of the night with the thought of, “Oh no, there’s not enough ‘rah-rah’ in the letter!” - (and we all know Ron and his inner-cheerleader). So when he came into the office the next day, you should have seen the look of

“what the hell is he talking about” on the face of the content writer in charge of the letter when she got the instructions to, and I quote,

“rah-rah up the letter”.


Okay, another pass at the letter – with a review by the agency director guy (who loves his red pen more than a 4th grade school teacher).

Move this. Edit this. Looks good. But wait…you’re taking out all of my

“rah-rah!” By the time this letter was actually finished it had just the right amount of pep, regardless of the fact that some of the team may have determined other team members might be completely insane.


While this may seem silly just for a little letter, the truth is when you’re rolling out a new campaign for a large association that will involve

change (which 99% of the time is a great change), encouragement and excitement is key!


Scroll down to check out some of the cool brand toolkit items we’ve created for the AZOA!

Ron Robinett

CEO & Creative Director

New website design refresh with online registration capabilities

Series of direct mail pieces announcing the brand refresh

to the membership

New member welcome packet (template system allowing for personalized collateral for each member)

Oversized tradeshow and conference visual graphics