Remember that one day…when Daniel was literally speechless? Over the years, we’ve been privileged to work with many inspiring clients. This good old memory was revived just this past week, sparked by the office water cooler chatter about the games in Brazil (and Daniel trying to figure out how to stream them on the office TV). Here’s the backstory…


As a die-hard women’s basketball fan (and a season ticket holder for more years than he’ll even admit he’s old enough to have had them), Daniel has been a consistent fixture at WNBA basketball Phoenix Mercury games. Shortly after joining our team, he learned that the Phoenix Mercury was actually a client of the agency.


The Phoenix Mercury were in need of some exciting new radio spots to kick off the season, and we had tapped one of their superstars - Penny Taylor - to lend her voice to the campaign. Without telling Daniel what she was up too, Erin (one of our creative directors on the Phoenix Mercury account) asked Daniel to come to the recording studio with her to 'assist with a little project'. Well, you can only imagine the look on Daniel’s face when they walked in, and were standing face-to-face with Penny Taylor! For a guy who’s rubbed elbows with some of Hollywood’s A-List (just look at his Facebook page), it was hilarious to see him so starstruck.


Getting to be a part of the Phoenix Mercury campaign was a real treat for Daniel, and seeing the execution of the creative work play out as part of his personal life - from the season tickets in his hand, to the print ads in local publications, signage around town, in-arena displays and radio spots - collectively served as a good reminder about the power of a holistic approach to a brand's marketing efforts.


Check out some of the cool brand impressions we created for the Phoenix Mercury over several seasons!

Ron Robinett

CEO & Creative Director

We had a blast working with WNBA Champions The Phoenix Mercury!

Our work included season campaign concepts, creative design, billboards, print ads and radio spots to promote awareness of the league and the team.


Season Schedule for the 2010 “I’m Pro Basketball” Campaign

Oversized Banners for the 2010 “I’m Pro Basketball” Campaign


Sales Brochures for 2011

“It’s Basketball” Campaign

Rack Card & Web Banner for the 2011 “It’s Basketball” Campaign - Family Edition

Arena Signage for the 2011

“It’s Basketball” Campaign


Print Ad for the 2012 “House Rules” Campaign

Web Banner Ads for the 2012 “House Rules” Campaign