It's just a word!

Remember that one day… when we were working on the new website for NewLAWu.s.?


The NewLAWu.s. team…where should I begin?! They are fabulous. Extremely intelligent people who want to live life to its fullest, and forward thinkers with great ideas and a business concept/strategy for the modern legal market. Now wait…let’s go back to the extremely intelligent part for just a minute…it reminded me of this one day when we were working on copy for their website.


There was no question they wanted a website with a fresh modern design, so this wasn’t the problem. It was the copy…the content.

They knew what they wanted to say; but HOW to say it was a whole different story.


They were starting something new; a new business strategy for a law firm, with a non-traditional approach (to a very traditional industry).

So, our challenge was in the voice - how do we explain what they are doing, how they are different, and still make it interesting and not so…well…’lawyer-ish’.


We weren’t sure how to do this, and quite frankly neither were they!

First, we tried a bit of a casual tone. No, not that casual. Then, that’s too wordy. Revise. Nope, now that’s not detailed enough. Okay, finally found a good balance!


And then…THEN…

Not THAT word…let’s use this word. Wait. WHAT?! It’s just a WORD! But, it matters! Trust us, that blend of modern and casual with content that's not too lawyer-ish (but still a little lawyer-ish) is an art form! The last time I checked, no one on my team is a lawyer (but I’m pretty sure Daniel might disagree…)


To the general reader, they might be just words…but for our clients, these words might be their “thing.” Their market position. Their value proposition. And most importantly, their PASSION. The lesson is that while words (voice, tone, and vocabulary) are just one element of a brand foundation, they are a critical piece of the puzzle!

Ron Robinett

CEO & Creative Director

Creative design overhaul on website and integration of attorney and client login portals



What makes NewLAWu.s. different

Series of infographics for use throughout brand collateral

Overview brochure